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The Florida Sentinel Bulletin newspaper has had a long and influential history. In 1919, William W. Andrews, the father of C. Blythe Andrews, Sr. started the Florida Sentinel newspaper in Jacksonville, Florida. The newspaper closed, but in December 1945 C. Blythe Andrews, Sr. re-opened it at 1511 Central Avenue in Tampa, Florida. He went on to buy the Tampa Bulletin in 1959 and merged the two papers into the Florida Sentinel Bulletin. Mr. Andrews remained the publisher until 1976. His son, C. Blythe Andrews, Jr., became editor-in-chief after his father’s death on April 2, 1977. In December 1996, Mr. C. Blythe Andrews Jr., turned over the reins to his daughter, S. Kay Andrews and his son C. Blythe, III. In May 2019, the organization transferred 118 bound volumes (1945- 2010) to the C. Blythe Andrews, Jr. Public Library’s Florida Sentinel Bulletin Collection for long term preservation and digitization.


  • Florida Sentinel Bulletin newspaper- bound volumes (1945-2010) and microfilm (1947- 2008). * gaps exist*
  • Reference Collection
  • Ebony Magazine - 95 bound volumes (1968-2015). * gaps exist *
  • Jet Magazine (1979-1985) and Ebony Magazine (1945-1991) microfilm.

The items in the Florida Sentinel Bulletin Collection are complemented by other materials such as genealogy, newspaper, and Digital Collections resources. Some of these include:


  • CanoScan 9000F Mark II Film & Document Scanner for documents, photographs, 35mm negatives, and slides.
  • HoverCam Solo 8Plus Document Camera to create overhead video/still images of books and photographs.
  • ST ViewScan 4 Microfilm Scanner to create digital files of microfilm.


First edition of Floria Sentinel Bulletin Collection December 1, 1945
View of Floria Sentinel Bulletin Collection room
Bank of PCs and microfilm viewer
Bound issue with headline Jackie Calls for Unity at NAACP Banquet
Award display for C. Blythe Andrews Jr. from Lily White Grand Assembly
Awards and historic items in display case for C. Blythe Andrews Jr.