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Ownership of the Collection

New Home for Digital Burgert Brothers Collection

Now find the nearly 15,000 images in the Burgert Brother Photograph Collection with our other digital collections. They will no longer be viewable through the catalog as of May 31, 2014.

Burgert Brothers Photographic Collection


Spectators on Lafayette Street Bridge
watching invasion of Gasparilla ship
"C.H. Hackley": Tampa, Fla., 1922.

The Burgert Brothers Photographic Collection is housed at the John F. Germany Public Library (downtown Tampa). The library's online catalog provides access to all of the 8" x 10" images currently available. You may make photocopies of the reference prints or bring your own photographic equipment to the library to make copy negatives or take digital images of the prints. Reprints of the photographs from our negatives also are available through a photography studio.

Use Statement

Copies of prints may be used in exhibits, displays and publications, providing a credit line stating "Courtesy, Tampa-Hillsborough County Public Library System" accompanies each print or image. For more information about the photographic collection, contact the library at 813-273-3652.