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Meeting Rooms

The Library's Community Room and Small Meeting Room spaces are intended to be used for Library related functions. The Library may allow other individuals, groups and organizations limited access to those rooms as part of a program of service in furtherance of the Library's objectives. Spaces are made available to the public on an equitable basis, regardless of the beliefs or affiliations of the individuals, groups or organizations requesting their use.

Library activities (including programs, meetings, literacy tutoring, etc.) have priority over other community activities.

Programs "co-sponsored" by the Library are next in priority. "Co-sponsored" means that the Library participates with community groups in planning and presenting programs of an educational and cultural nature.

Community groups wishing to have the Library co-sponsor a program must apply to the Library in advance of the proposed program in order to insure adequate planning and preparation. Applications may be submitted at any Library location.

The Community Rooms and Small Meeting Rooms at the Library are available to individuals, groups and organizations on a first-come, first-serve basis. Responsibility for any damage to Library property must be assumed by the individuals, groups or organizations using the meeting space.

The Library is providing a public service through the use of its Community Rooms and Small Meeting Rooms. It does not necessarily endorse the purpose and policies of the individuals, groups or organizations using them.

Community Rooms and Small Meeting Rooms are not available for profit making organizations, private social gatherings, or the provision of health care services; or for groups which have unlawfully discriminatory membership requirements.

The Library retains the right to cancel a reservation for a Community Room or Small Meeting Room in the event of a scheduling conflict with a Library activity or co-sponsored program. If cancellation is necessary, the Library will notify the individual, group or organization whose reservation is being cancelled. Groups holding reservations are requested to notify the Library of any cancellation at the earliest possible date in order to free the room for others.

Individuals, groups or organizations wishing to reserve rooms should submit a completed Application for Use of Library Meeting Room form to the appropriate branch location where space is desired. A meeting space will not be reserved until a completed application has been received AND approved by Library staff. Please allow two (2) weeks prior to your selected meeting date for the application to be processed. Each application is generally kept on file for one year and it is the responsibility of each individual, group or organization to keep its application current.

Individuals, groups or organizations wishing to use the meeting rooms on a regular day and time must schedule each meeting in advance and in accordance with Library policies. The Library does not automatically book recurring meeting rooms.

Late applications and walk-in requests for use of meeting space will be considered on an individual basis.

The Library reserves the right to place limitations on the use of Community Rooms and Small Meeting Rooms in accordance with Library policy.

Limitations include (but are not limited to):