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To establish guidelines for determination of refunds to customers of Library Services.

Policy Statement:

The Board of County Commissioners approves and adopts a policy for the refund of fees to customers of Library Services. In cases where a Library Services customer has reported a book or other library material charged out to them as lost and has paid the replacement cash of the item and later the item is recovered and returned in good condition, the amount paid to replace the item shall be refunded to the payor. No refunds shall be made for overdue fines on such items.

Oversight Responsibility:

Customers requesting refunds shall present a valid receipt for payment within two years of date issued. Library Services shall review and approve requests for refunds when the request is accompanied by proper documentation including proof of payment.

The Accounting Department is authorized to refund monies paid to Library Services upon receipt of a written request approved by the Director of Libraries.

All refund requests other than those cited above must be acted on separately by the Board of County Commissioners.

Approved by Board of County Commissioners

Date: February 4, 2004

Refund requests should be directed to 813-273-3652.